Robin Riker

Robin Riker

1st Time Autograph Appearance

"Alligator", "Body Chemistry II: Voice Of A Stranger", "Exit 9", "In The Heat Of Passion: Unfaithful", "Brink!", "Christmas Every Day", "Gone But Not Forgotten", "Don't Look Under The Bed" and "Stepmonster"

Ms. Riker also co-starred as 'Sharon Potter' on "Get A Life", as 'Nicole Moran' on "The Gregory Hines Show", as 'Roberta "Bobbi" Turner' on "Thunder Alley", as 'Helen Moody' on "Shaky Grounds", as 'Beth Logan' on "The Bold & The Beautiful" and as 'Kelly Hall' on "Brothers"

Ms. Riker will be attending our Show courteous of Mr. Jim Forgetta

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