Paul Dooley

Paul Dooley

Emmy Award Nominee

"Hairspray", "Come Away Home", "A Perfect Couple", "Insomnia", "Nobody Know Anything!", "Employee Of The Month", "HealtH", "Shakes The Clown", "Adventures In Homeschooling", "Madison", "Kiss Me Goodbye", "The Perfect You", "Popeye", "Happy, Texas", "Endangered Species", "Guinevere", "The Adventures Of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew", "Paternity", "Runaway Bride", "Error In Judgment", "Flashback", "O. C. & Stiggs", "Telling Lies In America", "Lip Service", "Breaking Away" and "Sixteen Candles"

Screen Actors Guild Award Nominee Paul Dooley co-starred as 'Dick Hale' on "Coming Of Age" and as 'John Shirley' on "Grace Under Fire"

Mr. Dooley was also the voice of 'Sarge' in "Cars 1 & 2"

Mr. Dooley will be attending our Show courtesy of Mr. Marty Johnson

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