Chris Noel

Chris Noel

"Girl Happy", "Beach Ball", "Ceasefire", "Wild Times", "Get Yourself A College Girl", "Joy In The Morning", Soldier In The Rain", "Diary Of A Bachelor", "Good Old Days", "For Singles Only", "Honeymoon Hotel", "Detour To Terror", "The Glory Stompers", "Wild, Wild Winter" and "The Tormentors"

For you trivia fans, Ms. Noel is one of those 'unique' and 'rare' individuals who put her country ahead of her promising feature and television career.

While Chris was putting her career on hold she was entertaining our troops in Viet Nam.

Ms. Noel even 'Hosted' her own radio show, 'A Date With Chris', on the Armed Forces Radio and her show became so popular that the Viet Cong actually put a $10,000 price on her head.

For over 20 years, Chris has operated the 'Vetsville Cease Fire House', a shelter for homeless veterans, in Boynton Beach, Florida

Ms. Noel will be attending our Show courtesy of Mr. Rick Saphire

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